As this is my first entry I feel necessary to introduce myself, my name is Jessica Almazan and I come from the beautiful country of Mexico.
Thanks to AIESEC’s Internship exchange program, I will be doing an internship here on TRIAND INC graphic design agency from January until March.
I will be learning about Japanese Graphic Design, the agency and their way of work and about Japanese culture. I am really excited and I feel very fortunate to be here, writing my experiences through these months.

I started my internship on January 16, I was really excited and nervous to meet everyone, but I got a really warm welcome by all TRIAND INC members and they made me feel right at home from the beginning.
On the same day, they explained me the activities I was going to do during the months I will be here. Besides helping doing designs, I am doing field work to experience Japanese culture and to learn about their manners and way of living.

The beginning of the field work was on Saturday 18, where some TRIAND INC members, Kusu-san and Hirano-san, one AIESEC member, Takuya and myself went to visit Mt. Fuji. and to eat ramen.
We went on the company’s car and I was amazed how driving rules are different from Mexico, first difference being that the steering wheel is on the other side!

I was very excited about doing both things because I really like japanese cooking even though it’s really different from mexican food.
The first stop was on a small mall where I tried soba for the first time, It was really delicious. I noticed that Japanese people eat really fast! Or maybe I am slow eating? Anyways, I like talking to TRIAND INC members because we can share funny stories and it doesn’t really matter that we are from different countries.

As soon as we left the eating mall, we picked up another member of TRIAND INC, Kentaro-san, and we went to Lake Kawaguchi, we took pictures fast, as it was really cold. Also I saw and touched snow for the first time! I was really happy, it was nothing as I imagined it!

We couldn’t see Mt. Fuji as it was really cloudy, unfortunately weather was not on our side. We decided to visit Fuji-Q Highland. The roller coasters are absolutely amazing! And scary! The ones we rode had earned a Guiness record. Later on, we went to the longest scary house, I had a great time, but I didn’t find it scary at all. Maybe because mexicans and japanese have different concepts of what scary means. But it was really interesting walk through the abandoned “hospital” and see the reaction of the guys!

The moment I was moved the most was when I tried real japanese ramen! It was even better than what I imagined!The ramen shop is called “Katsura” and it is the shop of Kentaro-san’s family. They were really kind and friendly and I was able to eat different types of food. I was really impressed by how japanese hospitality. They always try their hardest make you feel comfortable. We had a really nice chat while eating and I really enjoyed my time with them. Hirano-san commented he was glad that even though we come from very different places we could understand each other and enjoy our time together.
I am really glad as well.

I feel really lucky to be here and to be sharing this time with TRIAND INC and AIESEC!
We came back to Sagamihara city in the night and we went home, being the first trip of my field work, I feel very content with it and I think it was a great experience!