Between chilaquiles, tequila, ehō-maki and ikura, we’ve been sharing each countries traditions and different flavours

There is one thing that I always wanted to do while being in Japan: try real Japanese food! And thankfully I’ve been fulfilling that everyday. I wanted an opportunity to share what real Mexican food tastes like, luckily TRIAND INC members were eager to try them.
So, on January 25 we had a Mexican party, I was really excited because foreign people only recognize Mexican tacos. It was hard to find the ingredients for Mexican food but, not impossible. I noticed that they don’t know many types of vegetables or that they are used differently.
On Saturday, we prepared everything for the party, the dishes were chilaquiles, guacamole and quesadillas. These are eaten often on Mexico, using ingredients like tomato, lots of chilli, cheese, avocado, onion, cream and tortilla.
As soon as everything was prepared, we had a toast with tequila, I was very happy that everyone was excited to try the food and tequila. We had a great time cause we were joking, chatting and it was exactly as how Mexican parties are!
I felt right at home! I thought Japanese people was very serious, but I was totally wrong, they are really joyful, nice people.
I think I am very fortunate to meet people that have a keen interest in my culture and specially, that they are willing to embrace and enjoy Mexican traditions.
Now that Mexican Party was a success, it was turn for TRIAND INC members to make Japanese food! They chose to cook ehō-maki on February 3 (Setsubun) and to do the traditional ritual to eat the roll on this year lucky direction. It was delicious and I wish to have a good year now that I completed the ritual. It was also a great time to gather and have a few laughs making ehō-maki and eat miso soup and salmon.
I find Japanese food really delicious even though, sometimes I think they could use a really hot sauce to spice things up a little bit.
Each day that passes gives me a new pleasant surprise about Japanese culture and their people.
I somehow feel we are not really that different because each country has people with warm feelings willing to share them peers that are different from them.